Here are a few questions our customers often ask when they enquiry about our services:

This really depends on multiple factors. The type of EV Charger you decide on. Whether the EV Charger needs an Earth Rod. Your Consumer Board – is there space within the board? Or do we need to install a smaller board specifically for the EV Charger. We offer a free site visit and Francesca our administrator can answer many of your initial queries. Why not give us a call to discuss. The OZEV Grant deduction of ¬£350 is an added bonus for our clients. 

In most situations there is no fee for quotes or estimations for clients. 
We will happily visit your home or site, carry out an inspection of the work required and then email the estimate directly to you.

There are many reasons why this might keep occurring. 

It might be something simple like an electrical appliance fault (dishwasher, microwave or toaster). 
Or it could be that a fuse within the consumer unit may not have the right capacity for the item it is suppose to protect e.g. an electric shower.

If you’re concerned about your home electrics, we would recommend an Electrical Installation Conditioning Report(EICR), more information can be found by clicking here

Yes, we can support customers with small and large projects with no trouble at all.